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Who Me? Orthodontics Isn’t Just For Kids

Quince Orchard Dental Specialists | October 19, 2021

More and more at Quince Orchard Dental Specialists we’re hearing from adults who want a straighter smile. Either they didn’t keep up with their retainer and are hoping for their old smile back, or they never had orthodontics and would like to see the smile of their dreams in the mirror. 

Whichever boat you fall into, we’re here to help. While many people think of an orthodontic practice as a place for kids and teens, at Quince Orchard Dental Specialists we also love treating adults. And when it comes to treating adults, clear aligners like Invisalgin are the name of the game. 

Clear: As an adult, the last thing you want is a metal mouth while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Many adults forgo even asking about straightening that front tooth because they don’t want to picture themselves at a meeting or on the carpool line with a mouth full of braces. Not to worry! Invisalign offers clear aligners that are virtually undetectable. 

Cost-Effective: Most orthodontists are self-admitted perfectionists and we’re no different. BUT if all you really want is to fix one crooked tooth, we’ve got options for that. Particularly for those who had treatment in the past and are just seeking a small fix - we offer limited treatment options and would be happy to discuss them with you. 

Comfortable: Invisalign clear aligners are 3D printed to your exact specifications as outlined by our doctors. This means that they will have a snug fit designed for your unique mouth and treatment plan. No broken wires or brackets, no metal digging into your cheeks. Plus, since they’re removable your brushing/flossing routine won’t take any setbacks. 

If you’ve been thinking about orthodontics for yourself, we’d love to offer you a complimentary consultation. We are proud to be a top tier Invisalign provider and look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams. Just click below to get started. 

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